Bow II The Bow (EP)

by Jus Daze

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Brooklyn born and Queen’s nested artist Jus Daze has released his newest masterpiece “Bow II the Bow.” This project has been highly anticpated by DPdotBiz since “Common Law” dropped in 2011. Jus is definitely back on his bully again. It’s prevalent in his more aggressive approach as opposed to Common Law’s more introspective view. The title says it all, as we should Bow II the Bow (Bow in regards to his trademark stature). The intro really sets the tone for the album with a “scratch and sample” chin check. He doesn’t waste any time getting to the point “Bow II the Bow.” Jus states that’s he’s ready to go into the ring and go toe to toe, and that’s ever present with his recent MC Battle debut with a win in the popular KOTD Arena. Next up, he brings the goons out in “Fuck ya Legz”. It’s a positive attribute in Hip Hop (well, in life in general) to be able to flip your own characteristics on yourself before anyone can capitalize on it. Coney Island, NY badass Nemz makes his presence know early by throwing Fiats at haters, but is neighborly enough to introduce us to his girlfriend “Nina” (who really likes to shoot her mouth off) Jus comes in to ride over the beat and anchor the whole track. The infamous Poison Pen summarizes for the dummies when all is said and done. You’ll have to check your pulse after this one because you might have been bodied. Next up “Vic of a Vic” is delivered in a rapid-fire wordplay clinic discussing the repercussions of being a hater, back-biter, or swindler in Jus’s proximity (something you don’t want to be!) The quotable: “Getcha ASCAP for royalties or get ya ass-capped!” is one example of Jus’s scrabble-ability. After saying goodbye to “Vic” we meet “Betina” a twisted memoir of relationships gone wrong.. or right.. or wrong?? Guys, put your lighters up on this one. After the segues into “Sugar Mountain” we get into a psychedelic overdriven look into the “place that I wanna go.” Jus spazzes out on an insane description of a posh existence (with all the additives) only to bring the listener back down to earth. There really is no place like home, no matter where it is. All of the sudden *bllat* the next track “Pun Intended” enlists the heavy kick drums, deadly snares, and the hard bass lines to pay homage to the late legend Big Punisher (R.I.P.) Jus absolutley demolishes a multi-syllabic onslaught that the “Big” man himself would be proud of. Jus ends the excursion with the Bow Outro. This song chronicles every aspect expressed in the album in a perfect summation. Side Note: Something I admire about Daze’s music is how he finishes every song with a single quotable “bang!” There’s aren’t any dead-spaces or cliff hangers (unless Jus chooses to verbally put you in one of the aforesaid places, lol.)

Editors Note: I never like to give too much of an album away in the review, but I had to break this down for everyone because I think they’re sleeping. On a personal note, Jus Daze is a Deadpoetry.Biz staple for a damn good reason. This man’s hustle is remarkable and despite being so talented. He’s held our beloved site down like a general and the proof is in the pudding with this offering. - (DeadPoetry.Biz)

EPs are usually only released as a utility. No frills, no heady over-arching themes, just a low-stakes collection of 7-10 tracks (depending on your genre) that are often used as a stopgap measure between the important full-length releases, or simply remind people, “Yes, I still exist“.

For other artists, though, they represent a lot more than convenience and release schedule strategy. Rather than unload some B-sides from the archives, the best EPs deliver a bit of novelty that you wouldn’t normally get from an artist. Some EPs are insightful cover collections of other artists, with artists wearing paying tribute to their influence or putting their own stamp on classics. Some are artistic departures of low-risk, short-form experiments. Some of the best EPs are simply snapshots of an artist in development, publicly tweaking their craft and figuring out their strengths and weaknesses in bits and pieces. Bow II The Bow is that kind of release.

Coming off the release of his first LP and mixtape, Queens native and occasional Jimmy Fallon co-star Jus Daze is clearly working toward something big. Over the course of his first three releases, you can see the End of the Weak regular sharpening his skills and figuring out what works and what doesn’t work, progressing from being your average technically gifted New York emcee to someone who actually knows how to approach and write songs. In a trap-rap/internet meme climate, songcraft is definitely one of the biggest hurdles in Big Apple rap regaining its lost luster, but Daze is one of the handful of NY come-ups with a grasp on what is and isn’t needed for a track. Listening to the 8 late-90s style cuts on the EP, you get the same sense of progression of his King of Queens mixtape, suggesting that the Bowlegged Bandit’s sophomore LP might be the proverbial one, the release that fulfills the full promise of a brash, bowlegged Pun fan with a sense of humor.

Bow II the Bow is out now, with features from Poison Pen and Nems and production from DJ Brown 13. - Taken from Christopher Alley via


released October 1, 2012

All Tracked Produced by DJ Brown13
Executive Produced by Jus Daze



all rights reserved


Jus Daze Queens, New York

Jus Daze can’t be summed in one word. He's a rare breed in Hip Hop today, one that puts his true self in every line, beat, & adlib of every song. Daze is an amazing personification of Hip Hop & artists like him make the present & future exciting for the whole community!

Seen On: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Anthony Anderson's Mixtape Comedy Show, Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, King of the Dot, GTN
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